Tyna came through her spay appointment with flying colors. We thank Dr Staci for doing such a wonderful job!! After recuperating from her surgery, she is like a kitten again. Playing with every toy she can find in the house. And she loves to play fetch!  However, so does Truffles, so they have to race to the toy whenever it is thrown. Tyna has gotten very fast and wins the race more than half the time.

August 1st, Tyna had an appointment with Dr Pedersen and his staff at UC Davis. She received a brief physical and had her blood drawn. Blood results all came back completely normal. The FIP team and ourselves are thrilled to get the news!! We picked up the last 17 syringes with the medication that she is on. She will complete her 12 week daily treatments on August 17th!! I know Tyna will be very happy to receive that LAST injection. However, she has been an absolute trooper through these entire FIP Clinical Trial. With injections every day, she never cries, whimpers or even flinches, when getting her shot.  After her treatments are completed, she should be considered cured. However, because this is research, we will continue to monitor her weight and temperature about every week. Just to make sure she does not have a relapse. We will keep everyone updated……….

Thank you for your kinds comments and positive thoughts for our Justyna!!

Justyna completed her daily treatments in the middle of August. As of today, October 24th, we are thrilled to say that Tyna is doing FANTASTIC!! She is a healthy, playful, loving kitty that is considered CURED!!! We feel truly BLESSED!! And want to thank Dr Pedersen and his incredible Staff at UC Davis for Tyna’s miraculous recovery!!!

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6 Responses to News

  1. Mary Frost says:

    And Tyna is SO blessed to have a mommy & daddy who went to such great lengths to give her a chance for a healthy life! Thank you for updating us on her progress! Congratulations!


    • Hi Mary, Thank you so much for you posting about our Justyna. She continues to make excellent progress. Since she was spayed, she has gained weight nicely and her coat has come in beautifully. She just gets prettier by the day. And of course, is still our absolute lovebug!!!


  2. Jacquelyn says:

    This is such wonderful news for both Justyna and all kitties that go through FIP! How long will the trial run until UC Davis will be able to offer the treatment for all Vet. Centers, have they said?
    Thank you for keeping us all posted on the success of Justyna.


    • Hi Jacquelyn, Yes, it is such incredible news that Dr Pedersen, after so many, many years, has come to the point of curing our kitties with wet FIP. We feel so blessed that Justyna is one that was accepted into his FIP Clinical Trials and has paved the way for many other kitties down the road. I can’t answer for Dr Pedersen, but I know he is working diligently to get this available to the Vets around the world.


  3. Lee A Turner says:

    How wonderful! This is a miracle. Thank goodness for the wonderful UC Davis vets and staff- and momma and dad’s swift and caring responses!

    Momma of Little g


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