Available (Updated: 11/28/23)

Kittens will be available in the Spring. We do have one adult available!!

Meet Dash! He is a Blue Bicolor male. He is 1 yrs old. He is a real sweetheart!! If you have a loving home for Dash, please call Carol at 831-801-9026.




  Watch Us on the show:  GOING FUR GOLD        Six episode series on the channel: NAT GEO WILD        Can also be purchased on Amazon

 PRICES ‘start at’: Pet Quality: $2800, Show Quality: $3800, Show Quality Lynx Bicolor: $4500  We realize that our kittens are expensive. However, the reason they are, is for the amount of time, expense and background that go into our kittens. That very sweet ragdoll temperament is genetic. And unfortunately not all ragdolls have that genetic sweet temperament. We have worked very hard to ensure your kitten has that sweet, ragdoll temperament, that you read about. We stand behind our kittens 100%. Not only will they be 100% healthy when you take them home, they will also have that very sweet ragdoll temperament. We feel they are worth every penny. With purchasing a ragdoll, keep in mind, the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true with a ragdoll kitten. We have the reviews on Yelp (Over 35 reviews are 5 STARS) that backup the quality of kitten you get from AdorableDolls. All reviews written on Yelp are voluntary. We NEVER ask for a review. Don’t forget to check out our many other 5 star reviews that Yelp has placed as ‘not currently recommended’. The only reason they are not recommended by Yelp, is the customer may be new to Yelp and this is their first time to post on Yelp. 

What designates ‘pet quality’ vs ‘show quality’ is how closely they fit to the TICA Ragdoll Standard. Because we have been breeding over 21+ years, we have worked very hard, not only on the temperament, but also the look of our kittens. We like to let our future adopters know that most of our kittens end up as show quality. However, you are not required to show your kitten.

With temperament being Number 1 for us, so is Health! To ensure that our kittens are the healthiest possible, ‘ALL of our Breeding Cats’  are DNA Genetic tested for every possible disease that is available to be tested for. This assures us that we are producing  the BEST Temperaments but also the HEALTHIEST Kittens possible!!

We were Honored with:

TICA’s Outstanding Cattery Award!

ALL of our Breeder cats have the most magnificent temperaments! We have worked very hard for the past 21+ years, to produce those sweet, lovable Ragdoll Kittens that everyone desires.  Here at AdorableDolls, we feel temperament is Number 1 right up there with health. People are drawn to the Ragdoll Breed because they read and hear about their wonderful, loving temperaments. Because I am a ‘Full Time Kitty Mom’ I am able to give the love and socializing that is needed. We provide a full description of all of our breeding cats and you will notice they are all sweethearts. Through our careful breeding program, this ‘sweet trait’ is passed down in all our breeding lines that we work with. We take great pride in providing loving, healthy kittens that go home with our customers. And we are very proud to say, we have many positive Yelp reviews that back up that fact. All of our Yelp Reviews are strictly volunteer and we greatly appreciate all our thoughtful customers that have written those reviews. We never ask for our Yelp reviews. However, we would like to invite you to check them out!   Yelp/AdorableDolls   In addition to the over 30 ‘FIVE STAR REVIEWS, please read the reviews at the end of PAGE 4 that say “14 other reviews that are not currently recommended“. Our customers that wrote those reviews are new to Yelp. And Yelp will take those reviews away, if that person has not written many reviews. ALL 14 reviews are FIVE STARS also! Please take the time to read those customer reviews also. Thank you!!

We LOVE producing the most wonderful breed of kittens!! Our mommies deliver their babies in a private Birthing Suite, where I sleep with them to ensure all goes as planned. All of our kittens are raised in our home and receive much love and handling daily!!

Our kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are approximately 12 weeks of age. At that time they have been spayed or neutered, received their first two kitten vaccines, wormed and have also been completely checked over by a certified veterinarian. If you are interested in our kittens, please fill out Our Inquiry Form 

We are located in Roseville, California (near Sacramento)

Email: ragdolls@adorabledolls.net

Phone: 831-801-9026 (Carol’s mobile number)

Cavallari baby

This baby is not available.

Here are some examples of our kittens. These kittens are no longer available.

Watch Us on the show:  GOING FUR GOLD                                                         Six episode series on the channel: NAT GEO WILD        Can also be purchased on Amazon


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