Bringing home your New AdorableDolls Kitten/Cat

Preparing for your New AdorableDolls Ragdoll Kitten or Cat!!

ADJUSTMENT TIME: When you arrive home, please don’t overwhelm your kitten/cat with a lot of visitors. There will be plenty of time to show off your kitten/cat after he/she has adjusted to their new family and surroundings. It is best NOT to make the entire house available to the kitten/cat immediately. Start with putting the kitten/cat in one small room (preferably the room where the litter box will be forever) and as the kitten/cat adjusts, start making other rooms available.

CANNED FOOD: Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Canned Food and Wellness Core Digestive Health.  We feed in the MORNING, at approximately 7am and at NIGHT, at approximately at 6pm .  We mix the two canned foods together.  To start off, feed 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night. Once they start finishing all of it, increase the amount. If they still seem hungry, increase until they seem satisfied. There should be some left over after they initially eat. They will want to come back to it later. PLEASE DO NOT UNDERFEED YOUR KITTEN.  They do the majority of their growing in the first year, so they will have a very good appetite. This food is for kitten and cat, so can be fed the rest of their lifetime. We DO NOT recommend changing foods, it can cause diarrhea.
It is CRITICAL that you continue feeding canned food throughout their lifetime. There are many studies that have proven, a diet without wet food, and mostly dry, causes early kidney failure. DRY FOOD: We do feed a ‘tiny amount’ of dry food sprinkled on top of their canned food. The dry food we highly recommend is: Orejin Grain Free Kitten & Cat Food

LITTER: We have started using the following litter and we are very please with it.   It is called: Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter. We prefer the Vanilla scent. But if they are out, the Lavender scent is fine also. You will also want to purchase a litter box and litter scoop of your choice from

TREATS: For treats we recommend: Orijen Lamb Formula Cat Treats

All FOOD, TREATS and other cat items needed, can be purchased at, They deliver right to your door step within a couple days! And pricing is usually cheaper than at your local pet store.  The LITTER we recommend, can be purchased at


TOYS: Kittens LOVE Toys!! But remember not to leave wand or feather toys available for your kitten when you are not around. They can be a choking hazard.

CAUTION: Electrical cords are toys for kittens to chew on. Purchase the black loom split tubing, and slip it over your cords. Here is the link: Electrical Cord Covers

DANGERS: kittens are like toddlers and will chew on just about anything. So make sure all small objects are picked up because your kitten will eat it. Recliner Chairs are also very dangerous around kittens. They think they are fun places to hide and when the recliner comes down they can be seriously injured or killed. One of our customers lost their kitten this way and needless to say, they were devastated.

SCRATCHING: You must have something for the kitten to scratch on. We recommend a cardboard scratching pad on the floor.  Here is the one we recommend: Fat Cat Big Mama’s Cat Scratcher. Have it in place and ready when your kitten arrives home. This way, the kitten will not start to scratch on your furniture. Once the kitten has put the scent on your furniture, it is difficult to break the habit.

CAT TREE: Cats love to climb. So you want to be sure and give them something to climb on. We recommend a Kuranda Cat Tree. They are well built, sturdy for when the cat gets larger and extremely easy to keep clean.  We have many in our home and cattery. The cats love them!