New boy coming soon!

We are excited to announce a new boy coming to AdorableDolls! Watch for more photos to come!

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Tyna came through her spay appointment with flying colors. We thank Dr Staci for doing such a wonderful job!! After recuperating from her surgery, she is like a kitten again. Playing with every toy she can find in the house. And she loves to play fetch!  However, so does Truffles, so they have to race to the toy whenever it is thrown. Tyna has gotten very fast and wins the race more than half the time.

August 1st, Tyna had an appointment with Dr Pedersen and his staff at UC Davis. She received a brief physical and had her blood drawn. Blood results all came back completely normal. The FIP team and ourselves are thrilled to get the news!! We picked up the last 17 syringes with the medication that she is on. She will complete her 12 week daily treatments on August 17th!! I know Tyna will be very happy to receive that LAST injection. However, she has been an absolute trooper through these entire FIP Clinical Trial. With injections every day, she never cries, whimpers or even flinches, when getting her shot.  After her treatments are completed, she should be considered cured. However, because this is research, we will continue to monitor her weight and temperature about every week. Just to make sure she does not have a relapse. We will keep everyone updated……….

Thank you for your kinds comments and positive thoughts for our Justyna!!

Justyna completed her daily treatments in the middle of August. As of today, October 24th, we are thrilled to say that Tyna is doing FANTASTIC!! She is a healthy, playful, loving kitty that is considered CURED!!! We feel truly BLESSED!! And want to thank Dr Pedersen and his incredible Staff at UC Davis for Tyna’s miraculous recovery!!!

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Justyna’s second chance at life!

Justyna - Adorabledolls RagdollsJustyna (we also call her Tyna)  is not your ordinary Ragdoll kitten. She is a very special, very blessed Ragdoll Kitten. She was born on July 4, 2016!! Yes, the day she was born, the rockets and fireworks roared!! She was a very healthy, normal kitten as she grew. From the day she learned how to walk, she would come running up to us, to be picked up and cuddled. Needless to say, she was going to be a keeper!! She loved being shown at the show halls. And loved hanging out in the hotels, while she attended all her shows. She went to a Ragdolls Around the World – Ragdoll Congress in Tucson in December of 2016. She was adored by many of the Judges and came in Third Place Ragdoll Kitten in the Congress. She went on to be a Regional Winner for that show season!!

Unfortunately, Tyna was not able to continue her show career, because in May 2017, she started becoming very ill. She cut way back on her food intake and started having fevers daily. She was rushed to the Vet’s, but they felt she was still very healthy and nothing was wrong. But me being her Mommy, I suspected FIP. I took her home and for the next 3 weeks, I took her temp (which was rising daily), syringe feed her when she completely stopped eating and gave her cooling baths and subq fluids to bring down her 106+ temperatures. We were able to get an appointment at UC Davis and meet with the most incredible, Internal Medicine Vet. Many tests were run and when the ultrasound showed the incredible amount of fluid in her belly, the results where pretty much in. Tyna has effusive (wet) FIP.  We were told to take Tyna home and they would be in touch if she would be accepted into Dr Niels Pedersen’s FIP Clinical Trials. We received the phone call the very next morning at 9:30am. The Internal Medicine Vet stated, “she was accepted into the FIP Clinical Trials, and how soon could we get there”? Tyna’s temp was 106.5, so she needed a bath before we could go anywhere, but she was a good sport and after her bath, we were off to meet with Dr Pedersen and his team. We arrived on Friday at 11:30am to UC Davis. We met with Mike, Dr. Pedersen’s Vet Tech for the last 20 years. He explained the trials to us and admitted Tyna into the Hospital. She received her first FIP treatment that early evening. The staff in the clinical trials are so family oriented, we were able to visit Tyna three days later at the hospital. She was a NEW kitty. Her temperature was normal, her tummy was way down, and she was happy to see us! We played with her for about an hour, and couldn’t believe the difference between this very lively kitten and 4 days prior, she was an extremely sick, very lethargic kitten. It was miraculous!! Anyone that has had a kitten/cat with wet FIP knows, once they have the high fevers, swollen abdomen with fluid and refusing to eat, they are on deaths door.

The next day, we received the email from Dr. Pedersen, that Tyna was doing great and was ready to be discharged. We picked her up with her 21 syringes of medication and home we went. Her temp was normal, her weight was good, her tummy was almost flat and she was eating again.  Tyna had a second chance in life!! After her first week of treatment, she went for her blood tests. Protein levels were still a little high and she was still anemic. Dr. Pedersen emailed and said all looked fine for her time on the treatments and that time was on her side.

Tyna is now starting her 7th week of treatments. She made a visit to UC Davis to see Dr. Pedersen and his team. A physical was done and blood worked showed all to be normal. There is only one problem……..Tyna continues to go into heat every other week and looses a little weight each time. So Tyna will be going to see Dr. Staci to be spayed on Tuesday, July 11th.  She will be the first cat to be spayed while still receiving treatments. Wish our Tyna luck!!

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