IMG_0759_webRW SGC AdorableDolls Sweet Cocoa Truffles

TRUFFLES is now retired and in her new loving home!!!

IMG_0781_webAdorableDolls Sweet Silky Tiana

TIANA is now retired and in her new home with her new Mommy!!


IMG_0826_webCH AdorableDolls Katrice Elayna

KATRICE is a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor. She has been shown as a kitten and absolutely loved all the attention. She won many ribbons at her shows. We are very proud to say that Katrice is a Champion in TICA. Katrice is such a lap kitty and doesn’t care who’s lap it is. She loves everyone. Katrice was awarded TICA’s Mid Pacific Region’s 2020 BEST SEAL LYNX POINT BICOLOR RAGDOLL OF THE YEAR.


IMG_0714_webRW TGC Adorabledolls Our Darling Angelica

ANGIE is retiring this year. She will be available to be adopted in November. If you have a loving home and are interested in adopting Angie, please call Carol at: 831-801-9026.


IMG_0616_webAdorableDolls Honey Bunny Blu

HONEY BUNNY is a Blue Lynx Bicolor. She is an absolute sweetheart. She loves to crawl in our laps any chance she can. Honey Bunny recently became a new Mommy and wow, her babies are the cutest and the sweetest little guys, just like their mommy.


KiraAdorabledolls Classy Lady Kira

KIRA is a Seal Point Bicolor. She has incredible type and excellent confirmation. She loves her attention and does everything to seek it out. She has produced the most adorable, sweetest kittens, for us!!!

MAKALA copyAdorableDolls Makala Chiffon

MAKALA is a Seal Point Bicolor. Makala is the daughter of Chevonne and DeAndre’. Makala is just like her Mom and loves her attention. Makala loves being a mommy and produces that adorable look, just like herself. Did we say ……they are also so precious and sweet.

IMG_1045_webAdorabledolls Sweet Sachet

SACHET is now SOLD and will be going to her new home in December.

IMG_0834_webAdorabledolls Diamond Diva

DIVA is a Seal Point Bicolor. She is an absolute sweetheart that loves to give us kisses. She Loves to follow us everywhere and is always into whatever we are working on. Love this so much! She is still a kitten, but we look forward to her babies in the future.


AdorableDolls Our Silky Shaylyn

SHAYLYN is a Seal Point Mitted. She has the most incredible, sweet personality. She follows us everywhere to be sure and catch out attention. She produces that sweet personality in her kittens also. We love our Shaylyn so much!!! And look at those incredible blue eyes. They are stunning!!

IMG_0642_webRW GCH Adorabledolls Crystal Blu Shariann

SHARIANN is now SOLD and going to her new home in December.



AdorableDolls Darling Danika

DANIKA is a Seal Point Bicolor. Her Mom is Truffles. Her Dad is Sugar. She has their incredible, sweet personalities! Along with their gorgeous blue eyes. She is still young but we look forward to her precious babies in the Spring.