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Welcome to AdorableDolls Ragdolls!

Lovely Adorabledolls Chevon

Our Sweet AdorableDolls Chevonne!

The best Ragdoll kitten breeder in California also serving the bay area.

AdorableDolls Ragdolls was established in 2001. At AdorableDolls, we are dedicated to breeding gorgeous, healthy, lovable, ‘melt in your arms’ Ragdolls that are a joyful addition to any family.

What is a Ragdoll? Ragdolls are large, loving, laid-back, medium to long haired cats with beautiful, big blue eyes. Altered males can reach up to 20 pounds; females are proportionately smaller. Ragdolls adore their humans. They are gentle, and good with children, the elderly, and sweet dogs. Ragdolls groom their moderately long, silky coats themselves. They are well behaved, and want to be with you.

Please see the About page for more information on us and our Ragdolls.

We are proud to announce that we finished the 2021-22 TICA year, with the Number TWO Ragdoll in the World!!! Check out our Stud page to see AdorableDolls Rockstar Rebel!!

cav and kane

Cavallari hanging out with his dog Kane! Ragdolls are wonderful with sweet family dogs!



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