Haleigh and kittens

Our Granddaughter, Haleigh with a lap full of Adorabledoll ragdoll kittens.

At AdorableDolls Ragdolls we are dedicated to breeding gorgeous, healthy, lovable, ‘melt in your arms’ Ragdolls that are a joyful addition to any family. ALL OF OUR CATS AND KITTENS ARE HCM NEGATIVE.

We are a registered member of TICA, CFA, and RFW . Most of our breeder cats have champion bloodlines. Our kittens are born and raised in our home. Every kitten gets individual love and attention each day. They have silky soft coats, excellent personalities, incredible blue eyes, beautiful patterns and a nice Ragdoll size. All of our Ragdoll kittens are spayed or neutered prior to going to their new home. Our kittens are feline leukemia negative, vet checked, vaccinated, and come with a two year health guarantee.We require a signed contract agreement upon placement into a new home. I’m sorry but we do not ship our babies. Under the right circumstances, we do have customers fly into the Sacramento airport. Where we meet them to hand deliver their kitten.

Our Ragdolls come in the following COLORS: Seal and Blue. Our Ragdolls also come in the following PATTERNS: Bicolor, mitted, colorpoint, and Lynx.

Our prices may seem higher than most California Breeders. However, we feel with the time spent socializing our kittens, the expenses put into raising our kittens, the quality of  kitten you will receive and  with us being available to you for the life of that kitten, we feel our prices are very fair. We also DNA Genetic Test Everyone of our Breeding cats to ensure we are only breeding the healthiest ragdolls and only producing extremely healthy kittens!!

Jayden and kittens

Our Grandson, Jayden enjoying the kitties in the cattery!!

What is a Ragdoll? Ragdolls are large, loving, laid-back, medium to long hair cats with beautiful, big blue eyes. Altered males can reach up to 20 pounds; females are proportionately smaller. Ragdolls adore their humans. They are gentle, and good with children, the elderly, and dogs. Ragdolls bathe and groom their moderately long, silky coats themselves. They are well behaved, and want to be with you.

We are are located in Roseville, California. (Near Sacramento) Our phone number: 831-801-9026

Carol & Stuart

Here at AdorableDolls, we take great pride in the health of our kitties and take feeding our precious kitties very seriously also. So we prefer to make our own raw food. Which is 200 pounds every 3 weeks. The raw consists of chicken, pork and turkey. In addition to all the proper additives needed for a cat’s diet.  For our kittens, we also mix in quality canned cat foods, so they are use to the taste of canned, when they go to their new homes. This way there is no transitioning them to a new food.

Here are some pictures of our process when making raw.


We head off to our local Costco and pick up the 200#’s of human grade meat.

Each batch made at one time is 50 #’s. It is ground up in a commercial meat grinder and then mixed in a 50 pound commercial meat mixer.

It is then packaged immediately and placed in the freezer. Ready to be thawed daily.

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