Truffles - Adorabledolls RagdollsAdorableDolls Sweet Cocoa Truffles

TRUFFLES is a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor. She has incredible blue eyes, a very sweet face and loves to give kisses. She adores sitting in our laps and won’t let us leave the room without her. Truffle’s parents are Cashmere and Ridley. We look forward to showing Truffles off at the upcoming TICA shows!

AdorableDolls Sweet Cashmere

CASHMERE is a Blue Lynx Bicolor. She is a real beauty! She is very large and produces big, beautiful, sweet babies. She is only 4 months old in this picture. She adores getting her attention and is a real love bug! She passes down that love bug personality to all her babies also.

Chevonne - Adorabledolls RagdollsRW SGC Adorabledolls Chevonne

CHEVONNE is a Blue Point Bicolor. She is a Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion in TICA. She is the daughter of Juliet. She is one of our own breeding. Chevonne loves to make biscuits on our tummies. She is a little sweetheart!! She has also been in the show halls and loves it. She gives us beautiful, very sweet, show quality babies! We are so proud of our Chevonne.

Angelica - Adorabledolls RagdollsRW TGC Adorabledolls Our Darling Angelica

ANGIE is a Blue lynx Point Bicolor. She is a Regional Winner, Triple Grand Champion in TICA.. She is one of our own breeding. Angie loves to be held and cuddled. She is the daughter of Haleigh.  She also loves to show and has gained her titles very quickly. She produces the cutest babies that love to be held also.

Tacori - Adorabledolls RagdollsCH Furreal Tacori of Adorabledolls

TACORI is a Seal Point Bicolor. She is a Champion in TICA. Isn’t she a beautiful girl?She also gives us beautiful, very sweet babies. She enjoys her attention and loves being a Mommy!

Dominique - Adorabledolls RagdollsRW QGC Adorabledolls Sweet Dominique

DOMINIQUE (RETIRED)  is a Blue Point Bicolor. She is a Regional Winner, Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA. Dominique loves her attention. She loves going to the show hotels and getting tons of attention. She is a real lover and has produced some gorgeous babies just like herself.  Dominique is now retired and has gone to her new home.

Cambria- Adorabledolls Ragdolls5StarRags Cambria of Adorabledolls

Cambria is a Blue Point Mitted. Cambria is an over the top sweetheart. She loves to be held and carried around. Thank you Karen Walsh for this precious girl!!

Sydney - Adorabledolls SydneySydney of Adorabledolls

Sydney (RETIRED AND AVAILABLE) is a Seal Point Mitted. Sydney is gorgeousl. She has some of the most beautiful blue eyes. Sydney is now retired and will be available for her new, loving home in November 2017. Please call us if interested in giving Sydney a loving home!!

Tessa - Adorabledolls RagdollsAdorableDolls Juicy Couture Tessa

TESSA (RETIRED) is a Seal Point Bicolor. She is the daughter of Dominique and Ridley. As you can see, she has the most beautiful blue eyes. She also has that precious Ragdoll personality. She really enjoys her attention. Tessa is now retired and is going to her new home soon.

Paisley - Adorabledolls PaisleySnugglerags Paisley of Adorabledolls

PAISLEY is a Blue Point Mitted. She is a gorgeous girl that came to us from Heather Sands. Her father is the very famous LA IW SGC Palacedolls Atticus of Snugglerags. She is a very sweet girl and we love having her as part of our family.

Adorabledolls Sweet Sachet   Adorabledolls Sweet Sachet

Adorabledolls Sweet Sachet

SACHET is a Blue Lynx Point Bicolor. She has a wonderful personality. She is constantly in our laps. She has been shown in TICA as a kitten and has done very well. The judges loved her. She also did a grooming Demonstration with Carol at the RAW Tucson Show. The group of Breeders fell in love with her very sweet personality!! Sachet had her first litter the Summer of 2017 and the babies were just as sweet and adorable as their MOM!!