AdorableDolls Carribbean Blu Kelcee                 

KELCEE is a Blue Bicolor. She is a favorite around her. She loves her daily loving! She became a mother in 2023 and produced the most gorgeous, incredible babies. We are so proud of Kelcee and look forward to new babies in 2024.

AdorableDolls Kazlyn Elayna                                Kazlyn

KAZLYN is a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor. She is the beautiful daughter of Katrice. She has her Mom’s beautiful looks and very sweet personality!! She will be an adult very soon and will start producing those beautiful babies, like her Mom, Katrice!!

AdorableDolls AnnaLeah Blu Opal                         

ANNALEAH is a Seal Point Mitted. Check out those gorgeous Blue eyes! Her Dad came to us from Russia. And her mom is Honey Bunny. Both parents were the sweetest!! AnnaLeah is exactly like her parents. The absolute sweetest! And her babies this year couldn’t be cuter or sweeter! 

AdorableDolls Charismatic Camarena                        

CAMARENA is a Blue Point Bicolor. Camarena is absolute lover pie who loves to sit on our laps, any chance she gets. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and sweet face. We look forward to Camarena’s babies in 2024.

AdorableDolls Beautiful Brooklyn                        Brooklyn

BROOKLYN is a Blue Point Mitted. We had to put ‘Beautiful’ in her name because of her most beautiful blue eyes. She is the Mother of our stunning male, IW SGC Rockstar Rebel. We are thrilled with the very sweet, gorgeous kittens that she has produced for us.

Adorabledolls Angelicas Frezja                                   

FREZJA is a Seal Lynx Bicolor. She is the daughter of RW SGC AdorableDolls Magnificent Cavallari. She has his incredible looks and personality. She loves to cuddle! Frezja is also great Mom! 

RW TGC AdorableDolls Eye Candy Jadora                     

JADORA is a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor. Jadora is a Regional Winner and TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION! She acquired her title in just one show!! Besides her gorgeous good looks, she is full of love, just like her Mom, Polaris. We look forward to her kittens in 2024.

AdorableDolls Exquisite Emee                               

EMME is a Blue Point Bicolor. She is a little lover! She loves to be carried around! We look forward to her babies having those gorgeous looks and super sweet personality! We look forward to her babies in 2024.

AdorableDolls Our Silky Shaylyn                             Shaylyn.1a

SHAYLYN is a Seal Point Mitted. She has the most incredible, sweet personality. She follows us everywhere to be sure and catch our attention. She produces that sweet personality in her kittens also. We love our Shaylyn so much!!! And look at those incredible blue eyes. They are stunning!!

AdorableDolls Shalimar Chiffon

SHALIMAR is a Blue Point Bicolor. Shalimar enjoys being loved on constantly! If she had her choice, she would sit in Carol’s lap all day! We love this in her. We look forward to her super sweet babies in 2024.

CH AdorableDolls Angelic Shayza

Shayza is a Blue Lynx Mitted. She is currently being shown in TICA and doing very well. Shayza loves showing and makes biscuits for the Judges when judged. Shayza will be become a mommy in 2024. 




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