RW SGC AdorableDolls Magnificent CavallariIMG_0936_web

CAVALLARI is a Seal Lynx Point Bicolor. He draws a lot of attention in the show halls, with his true charm and good looks. He absolutely loves being shown. And even more, he loves greeting everyone at our door. He is a big ham for attention. Cavallari is now a Regional Winner and SUPREME Grand Champion in TICA! He achieved his title at 8 months old.


KingsleyAdorableDolls Sir Kingsley

KINGSLEY is a Seal Point Bicolor. We were never able to take him into a show ring to title him, because of Covid-19…….NO SHOWS! Which is unfortunate. He is a big boy with a very sweet personality. So we think he could have done well. But now, he is ready to start making babies, just like himself. 

AdorableDolls Chaz DeanChaz Dean

CHAZ is a Blue Lynx Bicolor. He is one of our own breeding and one of our future studs. His parents are Sugar and Truffles. He is as sweet as can be.  Chaz is currently being shown in TICA as a kitten and has done extremely well. Chaz is TICA’s Mid Pacific Region 2020 BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN OF THE YEAR!

IMG_1804CH AdorableDolls Sugar

SUGAR is a Blue Point Bicolor. He has an absolute sweetheart personality. He always follows us around to capture our attention whenever he can. Sugar is a Champion in CFA. We are very proud of Sugar and the babies he has produced!

Mirumkitty Grant of AdorableDollsGrant

GRANT is a Seal Point Bicolor. He is so sweet, he always insists on tons of attention. Which we gladly give!! Grant came to us from Judit Jozan in Hungary. We love him so much! He has everything a ragdoll should have. We thank our good friend, Judit for this gorgeous, very sweet boy!