IW SGC AdorableDolls Rockstar RebelRebel

REBEL is a Seal Point Bicolor. He draws a lot of attention in the show halls, with his true charm and good looks. He absolutely loved being shown.  Rebel achieved his title of SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION in only two shows! Rebel is also Number 2 Ragdoll Cat in the World in TICA. He is also a Longhair International Winner. In the Mid Pacific Region he is Number One Cat of the Year!

Also watch Rockstar Rebel and Carol on the show:  GOING FUR GOLD!!

  RW SGC Cottonblues Draco of AdorableDolls                   


DRACO is a Seal Point Bicolor. He is the absolute sweetest boy! Loves receiving attention…..and giving attention, even more. Draco is a Supreme Grand Champion and received his title in only 2 shows. Draco came to us from my best friend, Kristin Demko from Ohio. We are so thankful to Kristin for entrusting this beautiful, super sweet boy to us!! Draco has produced a litter of kittens for us and they were just as gorgeous and sweet as he is. We look forward to his future kittens.

AdorableDolls Royal Justice                           

JUSTICE is a Seal Lynx Bicolor. He is the absolute, love of our life!! He insists on getting our attention constantly. He loves to be loved on. And of course, we love giving it to him. He has produced some of the most magnificent kittens for us! He is the father of Rockstar Rebel. The best thing about Justice…………he always passes on those good looks and that incredible sweet personality!!!!! The only thing Justice is not good at, is taking pictures. We have taken many pictures of Justice. However, this was the best we could get. He is much prettier in person!!

RW TGC Cottonblues Eternal Bluez                                  

ENZO is a Blue Point Bicolor. He a Regional Winner and a Triple Grand Champion in TICA. He came to us from Kristin Demko of Cottonblues Ragdoll. He is super sweet and enjoys receiving lots of attention. Thank you Kristin for the incredible boy!!!

SGC AdorableDolls Hollywood Star Magnus                                                                             MAGNUS is a Seal Point Bicolor. Magnus is now a Supreme Grand Champion. He is taking on the beautiful stature of his Mom and Dad, who are Justice and Brooklyn. He is also super sweet like his Mom and Dad!!! Love this boy and we are so proud of him!!!!

RW SGC AdorableDolls Storm Chaser

CHASE is a Blue Lynx Bicolor. He is a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA. He acquired his Supreme title in 2 shows! Chase is the sweetest boy. Loves to cuddle and give kisses! Chase produces gorgeous, super sweet kittens, just like himself!

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