SGC AdorableDolls Rockstar RebelRebel

REBEL is a Seal Point Bicolor. He draws a lot of attention in the show halls, with his true charm and good looks. He absolutely loves being shown.  Rebel achieved his title in TICA, of SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION in only two shows! That is a huge achievement! Once the show season is over in April, Rebel will start making those sweet, beautiful babies, just like himself!

  AdorableDolls Paxton Levi                        Paxton

PAXTON is a Seal Point Bicolor. He is an absolute sweetheart that enjoys lots of attention. He is our own breeding that carries those beautiful looks and exquisite, sweet personality! Paxton is still a kitten, but we look forward to his babies sometime in 2022.

AdorableDolls Ambassador Rio    Rio 1A

RIO is a Blue Point Bicolor. He is our boy, that will do anything to get our attention. He loves to be petted constantly. He purrs like crazy and is always making biscuits. He is produced some gorgeous kittens, just like himself!!

CH AdorableDolls Sugar                                          IMG_1808

SUGAR is a Blue Point Bicolor. He has an absolute sweetheart personality. He always follows us around to capture our attention whenever he can. Sugar is a Champion in CFA. We are very proud of Sugar and the babies he has produced!

Plush Dolls Swagger of AdorableDolls                Swagger

SWAGGER is a Blue Lynx Point Mitted. He is our newest addition at AdorableDolls. He came to us from China and we couldn’t be happier with him. He is a real sweetheart and as you can see…… A GORGEOUS hunk of kitty!!!  He is currently 9 months old and weighs 15 pounds. We are so excited to have his babies one day!!  Hopefully soon!!

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