Ridley - Adorabledolls RagdollsCH Adorabledolls Ridley

RIDLEY is a Seal Point bicolor. He is a Champion in TICA. He has the most stunning blue eyes and is a boy we are very proud of. He is also a boy from our own breeding. He is an absolute sweetheart and has produced some gorgeous, very sweet kittens for us!! We are very proud of our Ridley.

tazer_IMG_9200_webDGC Adorabledolls Tazer

Tazer is a Blue Point Bicolor. He is the son of Ridley and Cashmere. He has all the wonderful qualities of his parents. He is doing fantastic in the show halls. In this picture, Tazer is only 8 months old. As you can see, he is a very big boy!!! He is also a complete lap kitty!!!

DeAndre - Adorabledolls RagdollsGCH 5StarRags DeAndre of AdorableDolls

DeAndre is a Seal Point Bicolor. He is also a Grand Champion in TICA.
He came to us from our very good friend and fellow Ragdoll Breeder, Karen Walsh of 5StarRags. He is the son of AdorableDolls Lexi of 5StarRags and Darlinlildols DeMarco of 5StarRags. He is a gorgeous boy and and absolute sweetheart!! We thank Karen so much for entrusting this very special boy to us.

Future Stud


AdorableDolls Caruso DuPree

DuPree is a Seal Point Mitted. He is an absolute doll baby!! He did very well in the showhalls. Once he is an adult, we will be bringing him back into the showhalls to title him. He is so sweet and enjoys his attention!!